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Project list

Welcome to the Networking Platform. Here you can share your experience and expertise on WASTE MANAGEMENT issues. You can upload information about your Projects, upload Studies, Guides, Good practices and any other information or deliverable you would like to share with this Waste Management Community. Feel free to contact us for support.

metrispluslogoMETRIS PLUS - Boosting Research and Innovation Potential of the Adriatic Cross-border Area in a Joint Research Initiative led by Metris Research CentreMETRIS PLUS01-03-201128-02-2014IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme
STEP:Imrpoving Communities Sustainable Energy Policy ToolsSTEP01-01-201131-12-2014
logo2Waste Management as Policy Tool ForrCorporate Governance cWASMAN01-05-200931-12-2012MED Programme
logotipporeteksRe-use and recycling of textile waste to protect the environment in the border areaPORETEKS01-01-201417-03-2015CROSSBONDER PROGRAMME SI-HR
scowSelective Collection of the Organic Waste in tourist areasSCOW01-01-201331-12-2015ENPI CBCMED
indexRE-SEEties Resource, Rethink, ReplanRE-SEEties01-10-201231-10-2014South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme
e2-bebisEnvironmental and Economic Benefits from BIochar clusters in the Central areaE2 BEBIS01-10-201216-07-2014CENTRAL EUROPE
slikakam-se-koje-smeceWhere to dispose which garbageKam se koje smeče meče01-01-2002
staklo-nas-prijateljslikaGlass, our friend
Optimised Waste Management in the MediterraneanGODEM01-07-201010-07-2014CIUDAD
waplogoWaste Management in the Adriatic PortsWAP01-09-200431-12-2006INTERREG IIIA
pwlogo300lockbigImproving the effectiveness of waste prevention policies in EU territoriesPre-waste01-01-201031-03-2013INTERREG IVC
logoippcNetwork for strenghtening and improving the implementation of the IPPC European Directives regarding the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control in the MediterraneanMED-IPPC-NET01-05-200930-09-2011MED
logoagroTechno-environmental platform fot the agrofood sector in the MediterraneanAgro-Environmed01-06-200909-07-2014MED
logosebePromoting sustainable and innovative use of biogasSEBE01-03-201028-02-2013CENTRAL EUROPE
logo-smot-color01Sustainable Mediterranean Old TownsSMOT01-01-201431-12-2015ENPI CBC MED
paytlogoDevelopment of Pay As You Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and CyprusPAYT01-01-200931-07-2011LIFE Environment
r4rlogotransRegions For RecyclingR4RINTERREG IVC
zwZEROWASTE MunicipalityZEROWASTEMED 2007-2013

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