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Optimised Waste Management in the Mediterranean


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Optimised Waste Management in the Mediterranean

Lead Partner:

  • Capital Region of Brussels / ACR+


  • Al Fayhaa Urban Community – Tripoli (Lebanon)
  • Region and City of Rabat (Morocco)
  • Municipalities of Sousse, Mahdia and Djerba (Tunisia)
  • Metropolitan Areas of Barcelona and Medcities, represented by EMSHTR (Spain)
  • Regions of Piemonte and Marche (Italy)
  • Lille Metropolitan Community and the city of Roubaix (France)


  • ANGed - Agence Nationale de Gestion des Déchets (Tunisia)
  • Assemblée populaire communale de Bouira (Algeria)

GODEM project aims to establish an effective exchange of best practices in the field of environmental management of waste between local and regional authorities of European Union and the southern Mediterranean countries (Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia).


Overall objective: to establish a mutual understanding, open dialogue and sustainable cooperation between local actors in the EU and Mediterranean Partner Region countries through a program of innovative capacity development for local governments and regional

Specific objective: To improve the capacity of local/regional Authorities for good governance and optimize sustainable waste management (ISWM) in the Mediterranean through the implementation of concrete projects and using a participatory and integrated approach.

main outputs:

  • a feasibility study of a composting plant in Tripoli, Libanon
  • analysis on waste separate collection at Rabat in Morocco
  • construction of a waste collection center in Sousse, Tunisia;

Action Plan of hotel waste management and environmental and sustainable management in the tourism sector, the development of a strategy to prevent waste production and decrease the disposal of waste materials of the hotel facilities of Mahdia and Djerba Houmt Essouk, Tunisia.

  • develop the activities of ACR + network in the South shore of the Mediterranean, combining the Working Group of the Waste Medcities (organization of four regional conferences on the topic of waste, organizing an international conference leading to an optimized management waste guide in the Mediterranean)

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