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Kam se koje smeče meče
Where to dispose which garbage

Udruga Noblilis / Environmental organization Nobilis
GKP "Čakom", Croatia

Project "Where to dispose which garbage", started in 2002 by Environmental organization Nobilis and it was financed by Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection.
The aim of project is to mobilize all actors in waste management for the separation and return to the process of recycling, eudcate children/youth/citizens through customized workshops and classes, publishing leaflets, manuals and encouraging citzens to separate waste collection. 

Heads of schools at Međimurje County accepted project, ensuring few school hours for main education on reduce, separation and recycling of waste. After the end of project, Nobilis and utility company decided to continue to implement the project.
Number of schools engaged in project till today: 61 primary schools and 27 nursery schools.
Number of worshops held:  around 1000.

Result: separation of waste at Međimurje County is 65% 

Udruga Noblilis / Environmental organization Nobilis

Ana Bajsić, president of association
A. Schulteissa 19
40000 Čakovec
Mob: 00385 (0) 99 863 2460
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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