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Re-use and recycling of textile waste to protect the environment in the border area



- Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj - Leading partner (SLO)

- Javne sluzbe Ptuj d.o.o. (SLO)

- Environmental Research Institute (SLO)

- Public development agency Ormož (SLO)

- City Hall municipal poduzeće ČAKOM (CRO

- Development Agency of the City of Čakovec (Chakra, CRO)

- Varazdin udruga for promicanje cultures fashion (Evolution, CRO)



The aim of the project is to improve and raise environmental awareness among polluters and inhabitants in the border area, to introduce them to innovative, environment-protection products of PORETEKS project, which would mitigate environmental risks. In the project we will preduce.

- The creation of web and mobile applications for proper waste management,
- Management of textile waste for re-use (fancy goods) ,
- Textile recycling waste for the production of insulation boards across the border,
- Cross-border transfer of results, experiences and practices developed in the project to other areas and areas of interest.


- Established cross-border web and mobile application for the proper management of waste.
- Collection of used textiles and textile waste using containers positioned at 20 locations.
- Implementation of fashion workshops at three locations (Ptuj, Čakovec, Varaždin) training of different target groups.
- The training program for an innovative reconstruction of waste textiles.
- Made a series of insulating panels made ​​of recycled textiles and construction specifications for the use of textile waste for the purpose of application of insulation boards.

- Business plan for the use of textile waste as raw materials for re-use (fancy goods) and recycling (insulation board).
- Cross-border document "Waste textiles for environmental future of cross-border SI-HR area."
- The total fashion events to promote the use of innovative processed textile products.
- Promotional materials.






ZRS Bistra Ptuj / SRC Bistra Ptuj

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Bistra Ptuj / Scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj

Slovenski trg 6, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenija




dr. Klavdija Rižnar

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Julija Potisk:

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