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ZEROWASTE Municipality
ZEROWASTE Municipality
MED 2007-2013

The project "Low Cost - Zero Waste Municipality" bearing the acronym "ZERO WASTE" started officially in May 2009. For 36 months the partnership in which participate 7 partners - Efxini Poli, Local Authorities' Network for Social, Cultural, Tourist, Environmental and Agricultural Development (Lead partner) GREECE, Ecological Recycling Society GREECE, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Laboratory for Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering GREECE, BRGM - Regional Geological Survey of Provence Alpes Cote-d'Azur FRANCE, Research Centre Bistra Ptuj SLOVENIA, Municipality of Ragusa ITALY, UAB Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Chemical Engineering Department SPAIN, will be working on dissemination of know how and data collection so as to facilitate Municipalities in the application of methods of waste decrease.

The project aims at developing an integrated Zero-waste management system for Municipalities that is based on the principles of re-use, recycling and reduce of waste that ends up in landfills and dumps. To tackle this challenge, the project will concentrate on targeted sensitization actions.

In the frame of the ZERO WASTE project the following activities are previewed to take place:

- development of a project communication plan; web site, leaflets, posters, publicity material; press and media campaign; organization of info days with thematic workshops and exhibitions.

- zero waste systems' surveys and analysis to evaluate waste management methods by Municipalities. Study of the operational requirements for the implementation of municipal composting facilities for household biowaste in certain municipalities in Greece, Slovenia, France and Italy will be drafted. Study of the environmental burdens of home composting in certain areas of Catalonia will be executed.

- exchange of experiences: inventories on best and worst practices and transnational SWOT analysis; organization of workshops on waste management methods and common resolution on zero waste application

- implementation procedure of alternative waste management schemes in Municipalities, composed of practical guidelines for each pilot municipality and pilot application

- development of Regional Policy tools: creation of an overall handbook on the implementation procedure of alternative waste management schemes and an Interactive Decision Support Tool; Involvement and exchange of know how for Municipal servants, policy makers and other stakeholders.

- pilot application of household composting for a certain number of households in Greece, Slovenia, France and Italy will be launched. In Catalonia, Spain, the environmental impact of home composting through the LCA tool will be determined.


The ZERO WASTE project is implemented within the programme MED 2007-2013, Objective 2.1 "Protection and enhancement of natural resources and heritage", and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund


3rd S. Petroula, Ano Liossia, Attica, Greece

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