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Development of Pay As You Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus


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Development of Pay As You Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus
LIFE Environment

Ecological Recycling Society

The main scope of the project is to create the necessary framework and to deal with obstacles for the successful implementation of Pay As You Throw (PAYT) systems in Greece, Estonia and Cyprus.
The objectives of the project can be summarized on the following:

  • Reduction of waste quantities being disposed in landfills.
  • Establishment of stronger incentives for large scale implementation of recycling projects, in order to achieve the targets set for the different waste streams.
  • Establishment of incentives that can lead to high recycling rates, mainly on waste streams like packaging waste, WEEE, batteries and biowaste.
  • Development and implementation of a PAYT system in the Elefsina Municipality, on a pilot scale. At the same time, the exact pricing system in accordance with the waste management cost will be examined and reengineered.
  • Assessment and selection of the most appropriate PAYT scheme for Estonia and Cyprus.
  • Development of cooperation among the waste management authorities in order to implement PAYT systems.
  • The sharing of the experience and expertise, which will be acquired during the project implementation, with other stakeholders, so that they will also benefit from the developed best practices.
  • Information dissemination for raising public awareness and for the promotion and implementation of sustainable consumer practices, waste prevention, reduction and recycling.
  • The indirect support and development of recycling industries and markets.

Programme description

Municipal waste management is not an easy task. The local authorities, which are responsible for this, must organise and coordinate a large number of processes, including placement and maintenance of waste bins, collection and transport of waste and end-management in recycling plants or landfills.

However, waste quantities are continually rising and this leads to a higher management and handling cost. This specific cost is assigned to the local authorities. Consequently, through the municipal fees, the cost burdens the households, which are the producers of the waste. “Pay As You Throw” (PAYT) systems offer an alternative method, based on the “Polluter Pays Principle). Based on these systems, the fee that each producer pays is closely related to the quantity of waste he or she produces.

The LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance Project, entitled “Development of Pay As You Throw Systems in Hellas, Estonia and Cyprus” attempts, for the first time in Greece, to examine and implement in a pilot scale a PAYT system. Additionally, with the cooperation of Estonian and Cypriot beneficiaries, the possibility of implementing PAYT systems in these countries under different conditions will be also examined.

This Project will last 30 months and will be realised by six beneficiaries from 4 EU Member States. The coordinating beneficiary is the Elefsina Municipality in Greece, while the associated beneficiaries come from Greece, Estonia, Cyprus and Germany.

The total budget of the Project is 1.357.953€. As much as 48.5% of the expenses will be covered by EU funds, 16.5% by the coordinating beneficiary, while the rest 35% by the associated beneficiaries.

Estonian study for PAYT implementation potential

Ecological Recycling Society

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