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Sustainable Mediterranean Old Towns


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Sustainable Mediterranean Old Towns

Benefitiary: SADECO (Sanitation Córdoba Ltd.)
P1 UCO: University of Córdoba
P2 Municipality of Ragusa
P3 SVIMED: Euro Mediterranean Center for the Sustainable Development
P4 Municipality of Sfax
P5 ARDES: Association of Research for Economic and Social Development
P6 MOMA: Ministry of Municipal Affairs- Department of Planning and Development
P7 UJ: University of Jordan
P8 ALEX UNI: Faculty of Engineering in Alexandria University
Associate 1: Municipality of Alexandria
Associate 2: Municipality of Salt

Due to their age and heritage, many cities in the Mediterranean basin have historical districts similar to “open-air museums” and the preservation of these values for future generations is a key issue to be addressed. However, this responsibility should not only concern the conservation of monuments but also the adoption of measures for the protection of the environment, introducing sustainable practices and consequently ensuring the maintenance of the artistic heritage, natural heritage, air quality and biodiversity protection, improving at the same time general social welfare. Among the specific environmental challenges related to medinas and old city centers of the Mediterranean area, waste is a major concern for local authorities due to the requirements for collection and disposal which are different from other urban contexts mainly because of narrow streets. Considering the need to improve waste management in medinas, SMOT project will develop tailored solutions and specific models for five target areas located in Córdoba (Spain), Ragusa (Italy), Sfax (Tunisia), Al-Salt (Jordan) and Alexandria (Egypt).

Task List:

- Elaboration of situational analyses and collection of good practices focusing on the environmental issues, legal frameworks, management models, equipment and tools of the 5 target medinas/city centres
- Development of a comprehensive framework reference for waste management in Mediterranean old towns/medinas
- Preparation of master plans for 5 waste collection and disposal solutions to be tested in the 5 selected old towns/medinas
- Implementation of 10 pilot actions in the 5 selected medinas with the aim of testing the identified solutions for waste collection and disposal
- Drafting of policy guidelines for waste management in Mediterranean Sea Basin medinas/historical city centres


The most important outputs of the project:

- Improved waste management policies and strategies through the integration of practices, tools and policies developed during the project with at least 5 policy instruments revise
- Strengthened skills of public authorities staff in waste management planning
- Improved attitudes of population and institutions (at least 25% in the target medinas) towards the relevance of waste management from the environmental, social and economic perspectives
- Reinforced overall environmental protection at Mediterranean Sea Basin level by
engaging as many old towns/medinas as possible in the use of sustainable patterns for
waste collection and disposal


Svi.Med. ONLUS

via teocrito n. 6/A

97100 Ragusa (Sicilia - Italia)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact Person:

Barbara Sarnari

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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