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Techno-environmental platform fot the agrofood sector in the Mediterranean


- Andalusian Institute of Technology (ESP) - LP

- SRC Bistra Ptuj (SLO)

- National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (GRE)

- Prefecture of Florina (GRE)

- Science and Tehnology Park of Sicily (ITA)

- Environment, Water, Town Planning and Housing Department of the Valencian governemnt (ESP)

- Regional governemnet for Environment, Andalusia (ESP)

- EUROBIC Toscana SUD. (ITA)

- Entrepreneurs Association of Alentejo - AEAL (POR)

- Critten food Alimentary Paca (F)

- Apulia Region - Regional Department for Economic Development (ITA)



- Encourage the exchange of knowledge in the field of eco-innovation in the area of the Mediterranean.

- Improve the environmental performance of agri-food businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

- Pospeštiti development of the agri-food sector by reducing environmental impact and improving competitiveness.

- Promote economic growth in the sector by reducing its environmental impact and develop new markets, processes and products that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.



- Creating brochures and website project.

- With the aim of disseminating the project results will be at the regional level in each target region organized two conferences.

- Publication of the results of the project in newsletters, articles and media releases.

- Establishment of technical environmental platform for the agri-food sector in the Mediterranean area.

- Preparation of a catalog of best available environmental technologies for the agro-food sector in the Mediterranean area.

- Preparation of a catalog of best environmental practices for the agri-food sector in the area of the Mediterranean.



ZRS Bistra Ptuj / SRC Bistra Ptuj

Znanstveno-raziskovalno središče Bistra Ptuj / Scientific research centre Bistra Ptuj



Danilo Čeh:

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